Tolerance for Uncertainty – Covid 19 Workbook

This is a free workbook that is helpful with life in general, but particularly during moments of great distress and uncertainty.  It is based on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) principles.

Right By You: How to Talk to Your Teens
Today’s young people live in a complicated world and face many challenges. While the topic of mental health has become less taboo over the years, it remains a public health crisis rivalling other issues such as cancer and diabetes. This issue is real and directly affects teens. Many teens are reluctant to go to their parents if facing mental health issues despite their parents and caregivers being a critical source of support.

Bounce Back Ontario CMHA
BounceBack® is a free skill-building program managed by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). It is designed to help adults and youth 15+ manage low mood, mild to moderate depression and anxiety, stress or worry. Delivered over the phone with a coach and through online videos, you will get access to tools that will support you on your path to mental wellness.

Kids Help Phone – please call 1-800-668-6868
Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only national 24-hour, bilingual and anonymous phone counselling, web counselling and referral service for children and youth. The service is completely anonymous and confidential.

Children’s Mental Health Ontario
Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) is the association representing Ontario’s publicly-funded Child and Youth Mental Health Centres who advocate for government investments, policies, and programs that are responsive to the needs of children, youth, and families seeking mental health services in Ontario. They have a fantastic resource database that covers a variety of topics, including targeted prevention, early intervention, short- and long-term counselling and therapy, addictions services, and intensive services such as residential care.

Hey Sigmund
This website offers a database of articles and research related to parenting and its’ unique challenges. You can search for a specific topic or read through the author’s blog – both are reliable sources of valuable parenting tips!

Tara Brach- Talks and Guided Meditations

Tara is a meditation teacher, psychologist and author of several books.

Guided Meditations

Audio and Video Talks

Mindful Grounding Exercises

Use these exercises for mindful grounding when struggling with moments of anxiety or distress.