Each journey through life is unique and this knowledge is vital to the responsibility I have as your therapist.

We are all on our own journey; along the way, we learn things, have positive and negative experiences, and develop relationships that direct this journey.  This results in the development of our personal lens that has been shaped by the way we have adapted to our life experiences. We all have extraordinary strengths, and sometimes these strengths need to be unearthed so that they can be used as a way to change negative patterns. As we assess where you are and plan where you want to go, I’ll be there to provide the proper guidance throughout our time together.

Here is some information about the therapy models that I use most frequently:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a modality that focuses on accepting thoughts and emotions, through mindfulness and other avenues, without constantly battling against or avoiding them as this inevitably causes more pain.  ACT is also marked by a journey to explore one’s core values and a commitment to living a life that is consistent with them.

Narrative Therapy is used on the premise that we make meaning from our lives by the stories we live, and that we are separate from our problems. This modality is used to help re-story your experiences from a strength-based perspective while exploring the past and shaping your hopes and values for the future.

Attachment Theory is used to examine relationships as it states that the primary relationships throughout our lifetime provide the foundation to healthy and mature functioning.

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